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Tree Warden

Ron Laurin

General Responsibilities and Duties

The Tree Warden is responsible for the care and preservation of all Town of Southampton trees within the limits of any Town road or grounds.

The Tree Warden is in charge of shade trees on public Town lands. The word “warden” was a common title for natural resource officials in the late 1800s. Being a warden signified a unique legal responsibility to guard public resources against destructive forces that might include persons, insects or diseases.

Since 1899, Massachusetts General Law has mandated that all cities and towns in the Commonwealth have a Tree Warden who is responsible for trees on public property. The Tree Warden mandate is still in effect today.

Contacting the Tree Warden

Phone: (413) 527-6980 (after 4:00 PM)

Mailing Address:
Tree Warden
210 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073