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School Committee (Norris)

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General Responsibilities and Duties


The School Committee’s Mission is to develop policies and budgets that support the Mission of the Norris School.

School Mission

To develop a community of lifelong learners. We believe that each student has the ability to learn and succeed. The attributes necessary to achieve success include:

  • A caring and supportive home environment
  • A positive, safe school environment conductive to learning and growing
  • A variety of teaching and learning experiences supporting different learning styles
  • A cooperative relationship among parents, teachers, students, staff and administrators
  • Self-discipline and good citizenship
  • Mutual respect and understanding of individual and cultural differences

Old Norris School Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Norris School Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes 2005 to 2016


Regular monthly meetings are held at 6:00 p.m., on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Library of the Norris School. Please check the meetings calendar as regular meetings may be rescheduled due to seasonal schedules or availability. The School Committee manages meeting scheduling, updates, agenda and handout distribution on the Town’s open meeting website. Follow this link and select “School Committee (Local)” to review detail for past and future meetings.

Please note the link to subscribe to meeting updates. After a brief registration and confirmation, email notice will be sent when a School Committee agenda is added or updated. Handouts get uploaded before and/or after the meeting, depending on when they become available.


Contacting the Norris School Committee

Phone: (413) 527-0811

Mailing Address:
William E. Norris School Committee
34 Pomeroy Meadow Road
Southampton, MA 01073-9410

Members of the Norris School Committee

Select Board Liaison - Jon Lumbra

Position Name Term Expires
Chair Jon Lumbra 2026
  Dylan Mawdsley 2026
  Kim Schott 2024
  Margaret Larson 2026
  Julianne Tauscher 2024