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Public Safety Building Committee

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Trivia Quiz Contest-Southampton Police, Fire/EMS

Thanks for taking Quiz #1-More to come!




General Responsibilities and Duties

Public Safety Building Committee Charge

The Committee, which reports to the Select Board, is composed of 11 voting members; the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, and one each representing the Select Board, the Historical Commission, the Finance Committee, the Council on Aging or the Friends of the COA, as well as five members of the community or the surrounding area with experience in engineering, construction, architecture, financial management or previous public safety experience. The Town Administrator is ex-officio, non-voting. Appointments shall be staggered one to three year terms. 

The Committee shall make efforts to educate the residents of the Town on the need for this facility and to understand current perception of the need and then develop a plan in accordance with the findings.

The Committee shall research and recommend two locations, giving priority to town owned land, to the Select Board - Once a location is approved by the Select Board a new charge for the Committee will be issued.

The Committee shall assist the Select Board in presentations at Town Meetings, Budget Meetings, Public forums, etc. as needed.

Meetings are called based on needs. Please look at MyTownGovernment website for scheduled meetings.

Informing and Engaging Southampton's Citizens 

Trivia Quiz Contest-Southampton Police, Fire/EMS

The Public Safety Building Committee is initiating a Trivia Quiz Contest that is intended to be one of a series of fun exercises this winter that will test your knowledge about Southampton's Police and Fire/EMS Departments. As you may know, the Town is working towards designing and building a public safety complex. This quiz is a first step in a multi-faceted effort to engage the community and learn why this is such an important need and therefore, priority.

 These tidbits of history and today's reality will appear on the Town's website  and its official Facebook page: Town of Southampton, Massachusetts, as well as on other social media platforms every couple of weeks between February and April. There will also be paper copies at the Senior Center and Library. All responses will be anonymous, but we will be able to see wrong responses and further build our outreach campaign accordingly.

Each correct response is worth two points. You may wish to keep track of your points for each of these Quizzes, because, per an honor system, we will have 'winners' at the beginning of May. Details will be announced later but it could include a ride on the fire truck or visiting the police booking area (voluntarily of course)!

Each Quiz will be ‘open’ for 10 days for your response. We invite you to join in the fun! 


Feasibility Study Program Schedule 


Reports & Documents


The Public Safety Building Committee

Phone: (413) 529-0106

Mailing Address:
Public Safety Building Committee
Town Hall
210 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073

Members of the Public Safety Building Committee

Position Name Term Expires
Police Chief Ian Illingsworth 6/30/2024
Fire Chief Richard Fasoli UNCH
Senior/COA Rep. Cindy Palmer 6/30/2026
Finance Rep. Vacant  
Historical Com. Rep. Vacant 6/30/2023
Select Board Rep. Chris Fowles 6/30/2024
Chair Mark Darnold 6/30/2024
At Large Charles Kaniecki 6/30/2024
At Large Kristina Madsen 6/30/2025
At Large John O’Shea 6/30/2024
At Large Mark Mancino 6/30/2024
Town Admin. Ex Officio Edward Gibson 6/30/2024