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Park Commission

Recent Updates

     Grand Opening:

  Maddie's Magic Playground Nov. 12, 2023


General Responsibilities and Duties




Please check the MyTownGovernment website for meeting announcements.


Maddie's Magic Playground

New at Labrie Field: An accessible playground for children of all ages and abilities!

Classmates do ribbon cutting

And the fun begins!


How to Rent Conant Park here

Playing Field and Facility Permit Policy and Usage Agreement

Playing Field and Facility Permit Policy

Facility Usage Agreement for Athletic Field (Application)


Contacting the Park Commission


Mailing Address:
Park Commission
Town Hall
210 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073

Members of the Park Commission

Position Name Term Expires
Chair Dylan Mawdsley 2027
  Alice Badecker 2028
  Paula Maak (2024) 2025
  Greg Maak 2028
  Patrick Martin 2027


Map for Labrie Field (30 Strong Rd)