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Conservation Commission

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Manhan Meadows Sanctuary by Willow


Help! We need volunteers, whether for just an hour per year to whack back some weeds or for many hours per month as a full voting Commission member, or for many options in between. Your time spent can count as Hampshire Regional High School Community Service. Please contact us at for more information. Thank you!

General Responsibilities and Duties

The Conservation Commission is the official agency specifically charged with the protection of a community’s natural resources. The Commission also advises other municipal officials and boards on conservation issues that relate to their areas of responsibility.

Conservation in Southampton

The Southampton Conservation Commission is the Steward for over 600 acres of Conservation Properties. The Commissions relies upon volunteers to furnish labor in keeping the Conservation Properties available for use by Town citizens.

Conservation Lands

  • Manhan Meadows Sanctuary (Hazel Young Trail), 48 East Street (21 acres)
  • Parsons Memorial Forest, 74 Brickyard Road Ext (26 acres)
  • Howland Conservation Area, 82 Brickyard Road Ext (9 acres)
  • Pomeroy Mountain, off of Wolcott Rd (50 acres)
  • Lyman Family Conservation Area,  356 & 360 College Hwy (20.5 acres)
  • Connor-Dukeshire Conservation Areas (Mt. Springs Waterworks), access from High St right of way (10 acres)
  • Whittemore Conservation Area, 7 Meadow Lane (35 acres)
  • Alice Brown Conservation Area, 70 Pleasant St (38 acres)
  • Szczypta Farm/Old Canal Conservation Area, 10 Glendale Rd/2 Riverdale Rd (106 acres)
  • Riverdale Road Conservation Area (21 acres)
  • Anne Bussler Environmental Center, Riverdale Rd (11 acres)
  • Wolf Hill Sanctuary CR, Fomer Rd (200 acres)
  • Manhan River South Wetland, 180 Brickyard Rd (22.3 acres)
  • Clearwater Woodland Conservation Area, 111 Glendale Rd (83.75 acres)
  • Clark Family Homestead, 57 Cold Spring Rd (8.3 acres)

Pending NOI/RDA Applications



Meetings are generally held on the first and third Monday of every month. Due to site visits and scheduling conflicts, other Mondays may be utilized. Public Meeting notices are posted in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, MyTownGovernment website and at Town Hall. Commission agendas are also posted on the MyTownGovernment website.

Contacting the Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is an appointed, voluntary Town Commission.

Conservation Commission

Conservation agent: George Russell

Public Office Hours:
Monday: 10:00 AM - Noon, Thursday: 10:00 AM - Noon

(413) 527-1378

Mailing Address:
Conservation Commission
210 College Highway, Suite 7
Southampton, MA 01073

Members of the Conservation Commission

Select Board Liaison - Dan Lavalley

Position Name Term Expires
Member Kathleen Haley 2026
Member Dan Lavalley  
Member Vacant 2024
Member Hazel Ortiz 2025
Member Jacob Lehan 2024
Chair Brittany Taylor 2026
Member Vacant 2025


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