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Community Preservation Committee

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Southampton Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will hold its annual public hearing on March 6, 2024, 6:00PM, at the Southampton Town Hall in the 1st floor meeting room.

The purpose of the Annual CPC Public Hearing is to hear residents' opinions regarding the town's needs, possibilities, resources, & preferences for Community Preservation, and to hear comments/questions on the draft 2024 Community Preservation Plan. The draft Plan can be viewed here. Send comments/inquiries to: Southampton Community Preservation Committee,

General Responsibilities and Duties

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is charged with accepting proposals from the community. This includes official Town boards, agencies, and recognized community groups, special groups and individuals. An official Town board, commission or agency is usually named to work with the community groups and/or individuals if the project receives final approval. The CPC reviews proposals and those accepted by the Committee move to final approval at either the Annual Town Meeting or a Special Town Meeting.

10% of Community Preservation Act funds are ear-marked for each of three categories: Open Space/Recreation, Historic Resources and Community Housing. Up to 5% may be used for the Committee’s expenses. The remainder is Undesignated Funds and may be used in the three categories or for obtaining recreational lands. Recreation includes the development of lands, fields, parks, etc.

Open Space: this includes land to protect existing and future well fields, aquifers and recharge areas, watershed lands, fields, forest land, fresh water marshes and other wetlands, river, stream, lake and pond frontage, beaches land to protect scenic vistas, land for wildlife and nature preserves.

Recreational Land: this includes land for active or passive recreation use such as parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, community gardens, hiking trails, and non-commercial youth and adult sports.

Historical resources: include buildings, structures and/or real property listed or eligible for listing on the state register of historic places or has been determined by the local Historical Commission to be significant in the history, archaeology, architecture or culture of the municipality. It may include historical materials which are important to the Town.

Community Housing: housing for individuals or families whose annual income is less than 100% of the area wide median income, including housing for citizens above the age of 60. The area wide median income is determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Allocation of Local Funds
10% must be reserved for Historical Resource Preservation
10% must be reserved for Community Housing
10% must be reserved for Open Space
Up to 5% may be used for expenses incurred by the CPC
The remaining 65% may be allocated as the CPC recommends within the four areas

Community Preservation funds not used one year remain with the Committee and can be used in any category as long as the required 10% is reserved for the required areas.  


First page of the PDF file: cpa_overview_flyer_2023



Call for Community Preservation Projects

CPA Allowable Uses

CPA Projects - Instructions and Application Form



Please check the MyTownGovernment website for meeting announcements.

Contacting the Community Preservation Committee

 (413) 529-0106 Town Administrator
(413) 527-8392 Town Clerk Office
Fax: (413) 529-1006 fax

Mailing Address:
Town Hall
210 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073

Members of the Community Preservation Committee

Select Board Liaison-Dan Lavalley

Position Name
Chair / Housing Authority Rep Sierra Simmons
Vice Chair Mark Kassis
Clerk Janet Brown
Select Board Rep Joy Piper
Parks Commission Rep Randall Kemp
Historical Commission Rep Robert Kozub
Conservation Commission Rep Kathleen Haley
Planning Board Rep Mark Darnold
Finance Committee Rep Doug Hamel