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Capital Improvement Committee

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General Responsibilities and Duties

The Capital Improvement Committee consists of five members who are appointed by the Select Board. The goal of the Capital Improvement Committee’s program is to provide a means of planning for the maintenance and/or improvement of the capital assets and infrastructure of the Town of Southampton. The Committee shall study proposed capital projects and improvements involving major tangible assets or projects which are purchases or undertaken at intervals of not less than one year, have a useful life of at least one year or cost five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars or more.

Capital Improvement Committee Additional Roles


The Capital Improvement Committee meets on an as needed basis. For further information contact the Town Clerk’s office. Meetings are posted on the MyTownGovernment website.

Contacting the Capital Improvement Committee

 (413) 529-0106 Town Administrator or
(413) 527-8392 Town Clerk Office
Fax: (413) 529-1006 fax

Mailing Address:
Town Hall
210 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073

Members of the Capital Improvement Committee

Select Board Liaison - Jon Lumbra

Position Name Term Expires
  Heather Pellegrini 2024
  Vacant 2026
  Sharon Hart 2026
Clerk Margaret Larson 2026
  Jon Lumbra 2024