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Ad Hoc Cost Efficiencies Committee

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General Responsibilities and Duties

Unlike larger communities, Southampton does not have a Town Planner to analyze its economic situation and develop strategies to ensure financial stability. As with other initiatives, the Select Board decided in 2022 to establish a new ad hoc volunteer committee of qualified citizens and employees to analyze the Town’s infrastructure and service delivery to meet the needs of current and future residents. Specifically, their focus was to examine and recommend measures designed to: maximize the Town’s financial and personnel resources; gain efficiency and/or cost savings in service provision; enhance employment competitiveness; and, achieve and maintain long term fiscal stability. Three categories of focus are:

  • What has potential Cost Savings?
  • What can help with Cost Control?
  • What will improve Efficiency?


Members of Committee

Select Board Liaison - Chris Fowles


Name Term Expires
Chair Chris Fowles  
Select Board  Jon Lumbra  
Cluster 1 Bradley Okscin  
Cluster 2 Janet Cain  
Cluster 3 Ian Illingsworth  
Norris School Aliza Pluta  
At-Large Bob Riggs  
Ex-Officio Ed Gibson