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Public Records

Public Records Requests: New Law here

Looking for a Town Record?

You should contact the Governmental Body who generated the record, if you wish to obtain a particular public record. They are the custodians of said records. The contact and record type are listed below:

Records Contact
Boards, Committees & Commissions Chairman of particular Board/Committee, Commission
Minutes / Actions / Related Issues Elected Official to particular Board/Committee, Comm.
Septic Systems / Septic Loans
Landfill Inquiries / Transfer Station / Recycling
Engineering scheduling for wells or septic
Board of Health
Health Agent
Property Records
Tax Commitments
Board of Assessors
Appointments: Boards, Committees and Commissions
Vital Records in their Entirety
Town Meeting Records
Elected officials Rosters, Election Records
Planning Board Initial Filings & Decisions
ZBA Initial Filings & Decisions
Town Way Records
Pole/Conduit Records
Gas Storage Permits / Records
Business Certificates, D/B/A Records
Voter Records, Street Lists
Dog License Records
Board / Committee / Commission Meeting Schedules
Historical Records, Oath Records, Annual Reports
Town Clerk
Planning Board Filing Detail & Related Matters Planning Board Secretary or Chairman
ZBA Filing Detail & Related Matters ZBA Secretary or Chairman
Schools – All Related Matters Office of the Superintendent
Town Financial Statements / Paid Town Invoices Town Accountant
Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes
Motor Vehicle Related Records
Tax Collector
Payroll Related Records
Town Banking / Borrowings
Tax Title
Town Treasurer
Police – All Related Matters Police Department
Fire – All Related Matters / Records Fire Department
Building Records and Inspectional Records Building Inspector, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Electrical or Wiring Records Electrical Inspector
Plumbing or Gas Records Plumbing or Gas Inspector
Conservation – All Related Matters / Records Conservation Commission Chairman
Cemetery – All Related Matters Cemetery Commissioners
Library – All Related Matters Library Director
Board of Library Trustees