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Town Accountant

Bradley Okscin, Town Accountant

General Responsibilities and Duties

The Town Accountant is appointed by the Select Board. The Accounting office provides accounting support to all departments, boards and committees of the Town.

The Town Accountant keeps a complete set of books in which expenditures made by all departments, boards and committees authorized to spend money are recorded. The receipts from each source of income, the amount of each assessment levied and the abatements made are also recorded in the Town Accountant’s books.

Prior to the issuance of checks for payments of expenditures, the Town Accountant inspects all invoices and requests for payment to insure that it is a legal and proper expenditure and that the expenditure is within the set budget of the body authorized to spend money. Once examined by the Town Accountant, the invoices and requests are sent to the Select Board for approval and then to the Treasurer for the actual issuance of checks.

On the 15th and 30th of each month, all departments, boards and committees are given an expenditure and revenue reports showing the budgeted expenses, amount expended to date and the remaining amount left in appropriation.

All receipts are entered in the Accountant’s books and compared to the Town’s estimate of revenue set at the Town’s Annual meeting. At the end of each fiscal year these receipts, along with expenditures are reported as a Town document in the Annual Town Report.

Town Budgets

Contacting the Town Accountant

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4pm
Town Accountant: Bradley Okscin
Phone: (413) 529-1000
Fax: (413) 527-1471
Office Staff (Vacant, Assistant Accountant)

Mailing Address:
Town Accountant
210 College Highway, Suite 5
Southampton, MA 01073