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Randall Kemp, Highway Superintendent

General Responsibilities and Duties

Southampton owns 67 miles of maintained Town Roads – 61.45 miles paved, 5.51 miles gravel.

Route 10 (also known as College Highway) is a State-owned road and all maintenance issues and concerns should be directed to MassDOT District 2.

The SHD employs eight full-time staff, a part-time administrative assistant and a full-time Superintendent. All full-time SHD employees are on call to handle SHD emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The areas for which the SHD is responsible include:

Ø  Treat (sand and/or salt) and remove snow and ice from Town roads and municipal parking lots and walks.

Ø  Repair pot holes, crack-seal, repave and rebuild Town asphalt streets and walks, and rebuild and re-grade gravel roads and associated country drainage.

Ø  Maintenance and replacement of traffic controls such as street and traffic signs and painted road markings.

Ø  Vegetation management (mowing grass, brush and tree cutting) along Town streets and intersections to maintain and/or improve lines-of-sight.

Ø  Remove fallen trees and other obstructions from roadways.

Ø  Maintain bridges and guard rails on Town roads.

Ø  Sweep Town-owned streets and municipal parking lots, clean and maintain Town-owned Stormwater management systems (Stormwater quality devices, BMPs, catch basins, culverts and run-offs) and other work necessary to remain in compliance with State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency Stormwater Discharges from Municipal Separate Sewer Systems (MS4) permit and other applicable regulations.

Ø  Facility management of the Highway Garage and Transfer Station.

Ø  Mow and maintain the athletic field and grounds of Conant Park, Crossroads Park, Labrie Field, Center Cemetery, West Part Cemetery, William E. Norris School, Town Hall, Fire Station, Police Station, Library, Highway Garage, Transfer Station, Church Hill, three Water Department stations and other Town properties.

Ø  Operation and management of the diesel underground storage and dispensing facility used by Fire and Highway departments as well as all work necessary to ensure that the Town is in compliance with all applicable local and State regulations.

Ø  Operation and management of the Moosebrook Road Transfer Station. 

Ø  Rubbish/Recycling pickup service and transport to the Transfer Station for: Conant Park, Crossroads Park, Labrie Field, Center Cemetery, William E. Norris School (including the athletic fields), Town Hall, Police Station, Library, Highway Garage and Water Department.

Ø  Coordination with the Water Department Superintendent to provide staff and equipment to the Water Department when operationally needed.

Ø  Maintenance and repair of all SHD vehicles, equipment, and machinery.

Ø  Administration of Trench permits, Permits To Open Public Ways, Curb Cut permits, and construction inspection (sub-division roadway and drainage, ball fields, etc).


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Stormwater and the Connecticut River Video

(Presented by the Highway Department)

Contacting the Highway Department

Office Hours: April through November – Monday-Thursday 7am to 4pm, Friday 7am to 11am
December through March – Monday-Friday 7am to 3pm
Phone: (413) 527-3666
Fax: (413) 529-0929
Office Staff: (Robin Richard – Administrative Assistant)

Physical Address:
8 Fomer Road

Mailing Address:
Highway Department
P.O. Box 379
Southampton, MA 01073